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Free Attunement of Reiki Kundalini and Highest Chakras

Free Attunement of Reiki Kundalini
and Highest Chakras

 Free Attunement of Reiki Kundalini and Highest Chakras

A. Introduction

Reiki is taken from Japanese language. It consists of two words, Rei and ki. Rei means Universe Ki means energy. Ki is also called Chi. We can conclude that Reiki is universe energy. This energy can be used to heal our body and keep our body fit. Kundalini is sacred energy whish lies deep in the beneath perineum. It looks like a snakes coil. Each oh people has kundalini. Actually kundalini is spiritual energy. This energy is dormant unless it's awakened by a master of kundalini. Highest chakras are chakras which located at the top of crown chakras. Highest chakras produce highest energy than Reiki. It is known that kundalini Reiki and highest chakras are techniques of using two kinds of energy. First, Reiki is a technique on how to use universe energy in healing process. How does this energy work? Universe energy flow from the top of crown chakra through the lowest chakra, it cleanses our body and reduces negative energy.
Second, Kundalini is a technique of using spiritual energy to improve one spiritual consciousness. This energy flows in Shusumna channel from the perineum to the crown chakra, Shusumna is well known as the main energy channel. Kundalini flows along this channel and burn negative energy in our body. One must be attuned by Reiki Kundalini Master. First he can use universe energy and it flows in his body automatically. What is attunement? Attunement is a short process to generate one's energy frequency with universe energy frequency. Having been attuned, one can use universe energy to heal himself and others along his life. Learning this technique ia very easy and simple. This technique doesn't opposite with any religion. Now, Deo Reiki presents free attunement program. If you want to learn this technique, you should browse some books or references about Reiki to support your practicing. We hope you to tell these information to everybody. So you can discuss it with them. How to use Reiki and highest chakras energy?
First, move your hands, and lie them on your body. You should be relax, then the energy will flow in your body fluently, feel the energy flow over every part of your body. Trust that God gives energy and makes everything well.

B. Descent Reiki

Reiki is retrieved by Mikao Usui in 1922, he liked Meditation indeed. He lived in Sanmon Monastry on Kurawa mountain, Kyoto Japan. Then, he meditated and fasted for 21 days. He felt Wonderful Vibration of energy flowed through in his body. The energy opened his crown chakra and flowed to the lowest chakra. That is the first attunement and retrieve of the ancient healing technique.

C. Deo Reiki Function

1. To make our relationship with our God closer (yoga)
2. To keep our body health
3. To cure physical, emotional and mental sickness (holistic)
4. To protect us from the negative energy (aura/auric)
5. To reduce depression and stress
6. To bring us in the deep meditation
7. To make our skin smoother
8. To improve our intelligence

D. Advantages of Deo Reiki

1. It's easy to learn and to practice
2. It takes only ten minutes to open energy channel
3. No restriction
4. The energy flow automatically in healing every part of our body
5. Negative energy cannot contaminate us when we heal somebody
6. We can use two kinds of energy in healing process

E. Deo Reiki Levels

1. Reiki level 1
- One has capability in healing himself and other by using Reiki healing energy
- Preparation for higher level and Kundalini awakening

2. Reiki level 2
- Distance healing
- Kundalini awakening
- Use Symbols to get healing energy

3. Reiki level 3
- Direct mass healing
- Make automatical healing program

4. Highest chakras (Shing Chi)
- Opening the highest chakras
- High energy vibration
- Speed up healing process

F. Free Distant Attunement

1. You should read about reiki from a book or visit www.deo7.blogspot.com
2. Print my fotograph. Set my fotograph in front of you and look at the fotograph for a while

3. Sit on a chair or in meditated position, and make sure your body straight
4. Lie your hand in your laps, then pray and relax
5. Say this affirmation :
a)" I intend to get Reiki attunement level.........(1, or 2, or 3from Master Eko Heru ". (three times)
b)" I intend to get highest chakra attunement from Master Eko Heru". (have to get Reiki level 3)
6. While you are about it, close your eyes and relax for 15 minutes
7. Say thank to GOD
8. Send your comment and you feeling along this attunement

G. Free Attunement schedules

1. Reiki level 1 : Every Monday at 06.00 - 12.00 Pm
2. Reiki level 2 : Every Friday at 06.00 - 12.00 Pm
3. Reiki level 3 : Every Sunday at 06.00 - 12.00 Pm
4. The highest chakra attunement is held on 1 st & 15 th every month at 06.00 - 12.00 Pm

H. Free Distant Healing
1. Print my fotograph. Set my fotograph in front of you and look at the fotograph for a while
2. Sit on chair or in meditated position and make sure your body straight
3. Lie your hand in your laps, then pray and relax
4. Say this affirmation :
"In blessing of GOD, I intend to receive Divine healing energy from Master Eko Heru"
5. While you about it, close your eyes and relax
6. Say thank to GOD
(You can do it for 24 hours)

 Energy has been given on this fotograph

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